On Page SEO: A Blueprint for a Perfectly Optimised Page

When it comes to on page SEO there is a load of guff out there. Some of it good, but the majority of it bad or just plain wrong. You’ll no doubt be sick of hearing about meta tags and keyword density etc. etc.

Here, you will find practical on page SEO advice that is correct and will actually help your rankings and general optimisation for your web pages.

Here we go with my on page SEO advice:

Firstly, ensure that you use SEO friendly permalink URLs

If you are using WordPress, you can do this with ease:

Once logged into the WordPress admin area of your site, navigate to ‘Settings’, ‘Permalinks’ and the either use ‘Post name’ under Common Settings or use ‘Custom Structure’ and enter /%postname%/.

What you want to achieve is a URL structure that is relatively short, but keyword dense. You don’t want some generic page URL like insightfulmindsreviews.com/p=123, or a longer version like insightfulmindsreviews.com/this-on-page-seo-blueprint-is-amazing-to-create-well-optimised-pages, instead you want something like this page has: insightfulmindsreviews.com/on-page-seo. Another great example I have come across is from an SEO in Glasgow.

We also know that the first three to five words within a URL are given more weight than those beyond this number.

This can be checked that Google use this when you search for a term and each of the results will have the searched keywords in bold that appear in the URL of the website on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages.


Actionable SEO Techniques for 2015

People that do well with SEO typically do two things exceptionally well. That is that they identify the SEO techniques that get them results. Secondly, they put all their resources into carrying out and scaling the techniques.

You’re probably thinking. How do I know which SEO techniques work?

Well, here is a list for you. Spend a small amount of your time over the next few days and see what results you can yield…

Broken Wikipedia Links is one of our actionable SEO techniques

You may have heard this one before, but it works, that is finding broken link building opportunities on Wikipedia.

Broken link building does work, primarily because Wikipedia links a powerful. It is also scalable. Deemed white hat. However…the problem is finding those broken links!